Who Uses Total Gym?  

The total gym can be used by both men & women with a variety of workout and fitness goals.  In browsing forums ranging from gardener's web to law enforcement forums, the following types of individuals are using Total gyms:
Law Enforcement Officers
New Moms Wanting to Lose Baby Weight
Bodybuilders wanting to supplement gym routines
College and Graduate students with limited time

The total gym is also great not for rehab and injury recover:
Pinched nerves in neck or back
"bad backs"
Movement Disorders (parkinson's)

Can I build Strength and Muscle Mass?

Building strength and/or muscle mass is simply a question of overloading a muscle, then allowing to recover, which stimulates new muscle growth in order for the muscle to handle the stresses that it is being exposed to.  In order to continue to build strength or grow larger muscles, it is neccesary to increase the workout frequency or intensity (increase reps or increase weight).

Since the incline bench converts your body weight to a percentage of your weight for resistance, a 120 women for example, could have a maximum resistance of 78 pounds, before adding weights to the bar accessory.