Joy Criss' Success Story

Joy Criss
"First of all, I love the Total Gym... The Total Gym not only strengthens and tones muscles, it also helps relieve muscle tension due to stress and everyone has stress in their life at some point. It’s the one machine that truly does it all.

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Nancy's Total Gym Success Story

Nancy Aungst
"I desperately needed to lose weight and did not know where to start. I decided that a lifestyle change was in order. After watching several infomercials, I decided on the Total Gym because it seemed it would be easy on the areas I’ve had surgery… my knees and feet. I was amazed that none of the exercises hurt me.

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Raymon's Success Story

Raymon Whitt
"When my wife told me that she was considering purchasing the Total Gym from an infomercial she’d seen on tv, it was an understatement to say that I was a little skeptical. I just know that this was going to be like everything else that she had bought off television, JUNK!

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