Total Gym Exercises - Over 80 Unique Exercises for the Whole Body

Total Gym Doesn't just isoloate one specific muscle, it works that muscle plus all the support muscles.  Simply changing the angle of your torso or arms will work a different set of muscles.  Total gym also helps you stretch out the muscles during your workout - a total body workout resulting in strong, lean, limber muscles.

Sit-Up with Cables

So many of our customers aspire to improve their abs and shrink their waists, so we've developed some easy exercises that truly provide results! This assisted sit-up is the perfect way to widdle away your waist and burn loads of calories.

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As your waist shrinks and abs strengthen, you can move to more advanced exercises like this. You'll be surprised how quickly you get there. That beach body you've hoped for starts here with Total Gym!

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Oblique Twister

Hourglass figures here we come! This is a super effective move to slim and firm your middle in just weeks. This twisting movement also makes a great exercise for those everyday tasks like lifting and rotating at the same time... think putting away groceries!

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