Imagine Creating a Head Turning Body
Without Going to the Gym
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Are You Ready to Get Fit?

Hi, my name is Fallan, and I want to help you create a body that you are proud to show off! 

I've been a total gym owner for over 6 years and am still in love with it.  I bought my total gym when I was a busy graduate student with no extra time to get to the gym.  I set it up in my living room where I could quickly fold it up and roll it into the closet if I wanted.  but I ended up leaving it set up all the time since I loved working out on it so much.

Does it Really Work?

The Total Gym really does work.  I use the Total Gym as part of my overall fitness plan while training for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.  When my calendar and training plan is already full to the gills, I found it easy to fit in core workouts as well as swim and bike focused strength training sessions on the Total Gym. 

While I won't ever be a top contender for triathlons, including the Total Gym in my training helped me overcome and improve many of my weaknesses, including problems with a weak core and significant imbalances in my leg strength.  With the total Gym, it was easy to do focused work sets on each hamstring and glute independently from one another.

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Why Choose Total Gym?

The total gym uses a sliding bench for resistance, which equals a portion of your own bodyweight.  Raising the height of the bench requires only removing and replacing one quick release bolt, so the resistance is quickly adjusted WITHOUT moving heavy weights, stacking plates or bending over to pick up weights or plates off the ground. 

The Total Gym is SAFE, because you never risk injury by moving heavy plates between each workout.